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Posted on 04-14-2016

Treating Headaches with Natural Chiropractic Care in West Hartford

When headaches occur regularly, even in a low frequency, or develop into migraines, it is necessary to address the situation and find a solution that work. At West Hartford Chiropractic, we provide natural solutions to address the underlying causes of headaches as opposed to treating only the symptoms.

woman with a headache

What Are Headaches?

Headaches refer to any pain in your head, top of your neck or jaw. Usually, it feels like a discomfort or pain inside your skull, the temples, or behind the nasal passages and eyes, at the top of your neck and behind your head, or around your head like a tight band. The exact location of the headache can direct us to it’s underlying cause. In certain situations, a headache refers to a feeling of consistent pressure, even if it does not actually cause a sharp or dull pain.

Occasional headaches can be caused by tension, stress, common cold or allergies and might be very short in duration. Severe and persistent headaches raise concerns about your overall health and well-being and therefore should be addressed immediately. Only once the underlying cause is established –is it possible to customize treatment plan .

Signs and Symptoms of Migraines

Migraines used to be classified as severe and recurring headaches.  It has been more than a decade since that definition has changed.  Today even  recurring moderate headaches are classified as migraines. Migraine headaches distract individuals from their daily life & activities and increase the risk of accidents when they start suddenly. When individuals experience migraine headaches in West Hartford, CT and the surrounding areas, Dr. Laub. Dr Giannattasio, Dr. of West Hartford Chiropractic offer advanced diagnosis & treatment solutions.  Excellent results are achieved thanks to multiple gentle chiropractic techniques and other cutting edge therapeutic techniques  such as cold laser .

Common signs and symptoms of migraine headaches include:

  • Throbbing or pounding pain in the head
  • Intense feelings of neck pain
  • Pain that starts on one side of the head and may spread to the entire head
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness or feeling lightheaded
  • Visual disturbances
  • Jaw pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Aching / itching sensation on the top of the head
  • Fullness in the ears

Kids suffer headaches/ migraines too!

  • Toddlers: suffer from some- localized headaches/ neck/jaw/ temple pains and some suffer from specific abdominal pain that is truly an abdominal migraine.
  • Young adults/ teenagers: with the texting, gaming, many hours of computer work and studying in many abnormal positions have shown to suffer more and more headaches than before. The stresses of school, the drive to succeed, social life, sports activities and sports injuries produce headaches, concussions and other injuries.  Many parents bring their kids for effective, drug- free gentle chiropractic care in our West Hartford Chiropractic office.

Visiting a Chiropractor for Headaches

When looking for treatment options to address headaches, chiropractic care provides effective, drug free solutions. Chiropractic offers a natural treatment option that addresses the underlying factors contributing to headaches.

At West Hartford Chiropractic, we use advanced diagnostic tools such as thermography, surface-EMG and a full physical, neurological, orthopedic and chiropractic exam to find the underlying cause of your headaches.  If you are found to be a good candidate for chiropractic care we will choose from multiple gentle chiropractic care techniques, cutting edge cold laser therapy and many more methods to reach the most effective results for you.  The treatments improve the function of your nervous system and the alignment of your spine. As a result, your brain and body will communicate effectively and optimally. The amount of tension and pain in your head, neck, jaw, and shoulders will be reduced and eliminated over time. The various therapeutic techniques we use, encourages the healing process without discomfort and at a much faster pace.

Our doctors provide guidance regarding your overall health, nutritional intake, exercise and lifestyle, all to address all other underlying  factors, causes or contributing factors.

Treating a headache begins with making an accurate diagnosis and giving you the choice of various treatment options. At our West Hartford Chiropractic clinic, we provide chiropractic solutions to address the discomforts associated with persistent, acute, recurring and chronic headaches and migraines.

Contact us today 860-232-5556 to set up an appointment with Dr. Laub, Dr. Giannattasio or Dr. Hart to learn about treatment options for your headaches.

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