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Chiropractic Subluxation is any interruption to the normal nerve supply to an organ.

An Organ might be a joint, ligament, muscle, disc or a visceral organ like the diaphragm etc.

The purpose of Chiropractic care is to remove vertebral subluxations in order  to restore normal function to the nervous system, thus allowing your body to express its  optimum potential.

Causes of Vertebral Subluxations: 

1. Physical

2. Chemical

3. Emotional

Physical: Any interruption of the normal nerve supply to an organ by direct or indirect physical pressure on the spinal cord, nerve root, peripheral nerves or other nerve tissue. It can because via slow, repetitive or erupt Trauma.

Chemical: Any interruption of the normal nerve supply to an organ by what you eat, drink, or do not eat or drink, medications, cross reaction between medications which, in return generates Toxins.

Emotional: Emotional Stress can affect you on a cellular level. It is perceived by the nervous system and integrated into the nervous system and many other systems in the body. For example: you would find that with stress you'll wake up more often, be more irritable, and most likely would be in a higher predisposition to develop ulcer and hives. You would be more likely to develop many aches and pains. If you are already suffering from pain, your pain would be increased.

The good news is by Chiropractic Adjustments we can help find and remove Vertebral Subluxations   (from Thoughts, Trauma and from Toxins) and help you work on what is subluxated in your life.

It is a team effort, and working together with you we can make a difference.

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