Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic Adjustments from Your Chiropractor in West Hartford, CT

Our chiropractor considers adjustments a mainstay of treatment for individuals who visit our practice in West Hartford.  Roughly 22 million U.S. patients visit chiropractors every year.  At least 35 percent of them are looking for relief from back pain.  Other common complaints are headaches, arm or leg discomfort, and neck pain.  Adjustments are a natural, non-invasive therapy that allows West Hartford Chiropractic LLC patients to avoid medication or surgery.  Understanding what adjustments entail gives patients a better idea of what to expect at the first appointment.

Overview of Adjustments

Adjustments are a type of therapy in which a practitioner manipulates vertebrae in the spine that have improper movement patterns or that do not otherwise function normally.  This treatment goes by several names, among them manual manipulation or spinal manipulation.  In performing adjustments, chiropractors use their hands or small instruments to apply a sudden force to an affected area.

Practitioners utilize a variety of techniques to perform this type of therapy and incorporate it in many treatment plans for back pain.  Their objective is reducing subluxations, which are vertebral misalignments or dislocations.  Adjustments increase the range of motion, reduce nerve irritability, and enhance the function of the spine after damage from a car accident, seating with improper back support over time, or problems with posture.

Adjustments occur in a chiropractor’s office.  Regardless of the technique the doctor uses, they usually involve:

  • Short-level, high-velocity arm thrusts the doctor applies to spinal vertebrae
  • An audible gas release that results from released oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen and that relieves pressure on the affected joints
  • An accompanying sense of physical relief unless the patient was particularly tense or surrounding muscles were in spasm

Treatment from Our Practice

After diagnosing the cause of discomfort, we design a customized treatment plan for each patient that might include a combination of therapies.  It is important to note that performing adjustments requires using controlled force in a specific manner to bring mobility back to joints.  Correcting misalignments of vertebrae relieve pressure on spinal nerves and the associated pain.

Most patients report immediate relief after an adjustment.  The likelihood of minor soreness in the area treated is small.  Any discomfort should subside shortly after treatment.

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Our West Hartford Chiropractic LLC staff is dedicated to helping individuals reach their wellness goals using only natural therapies paired with advanced diagnostic techniques for patients of all ages.  In addition to adjustments, we offer treatments such as cold laser therapy, massage, spinal decompression, and rehabilitation exercises.  Be sure to call our West Hartford office today at 860-232-5556 to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor.

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