Spinal Decompression

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If you are dealing with pain, numbness or tingling in one of your limbs, you could be having a problem with a compressed nerve. When you have an area in your spine that has a narrowed disc space, decompression techniques can help manage the problem. A visit to West Hartford Chiropractic LLC in West Hartford can give you the treatment you need to reduce pain and improve your mobility.


Signs Of Spinal Compression Pain

When you have a narrowed disc space because of a bulging disc, a spine out of alignment or arthritis, compression on a nerve can occur. This pain is difficult to treat with medication, and you may find that nothing seems to work to get rid of the pain completely. The pain can be burning, tingling, and it generally won't feel better after you massage the area. If you believe you have pain caused by compression, your chiropractor can help.

Decompression Treatment With Your Chiropractor

Decompression treatment involves opening up the area and reducing compression on your nerve ending being compressed. This is done through a series of adjustments to align your spine, stretching, ultrasound, and other manual therapies. Your chiropractor may use massage to improve circulation to the area and teach you exercises to improve your core strength. Traction can be used to stretch out your spine carefully, making it possible for your compressed nerve to have the room it needs. 

Treatment For Compressions Over Time

You may find relief immediately after getting treatment from a chiropractor for a spinal compression. Treatment will depend on the severity of your symptoms and how quickly they come back between appointments. Your chiropractor may suggest appointments several times a week to help train your body and strengthen your core muscles. When you strengthen your core, you are going to have an easier time maintaining the correct posture to avoid pain.

Your chiropractor may suggest new exercises and recommend that you come in for treatment several times a week while your symptoms persist. If you show improvement in between appointments, you can begin increasing the time you spend in between appointments. 

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For pain that isn't responding well to medication, chiropractic care can make a difference. To learn more about the benefits of spinal decompression treatment from a chiropractor, contact West Hartford Chiropractic LLC at 860-232-5556. Set up an initial consultation and start your healing today.


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