Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in West Hartford

Dr.  Moshe Laub is amazed by the body’s power to adapt and change-- especially how this power is demonstrated during pregnancy and childbirth. Dr. Laub and the staff at West Hartford Chiropractic provide a variety of services to help the expectant mother as she adapts to her changing body. Our chiropractic care is non-invasive and medication-free, which makes it the perfect option for a pregnant woman and her growing baby. Our natural care supports proper adaptation to the many changes associated with pregnancy. It is designed to optimize the health of mother and baby as well as facilitate a smooth birthing process. Once your baby has arrived, Dr. Laub uses a hands-on approach to help your newborn adapt to the many stresses associated with life outside the womb. We welcome residents of West Hartford, CT and the surrounding communities of Simsbury, Avon, Canton, Hartford, Bloomfield, Farmington, Glastonbury and Newington as well as those who are commuting through our town. If you are on your way to your obstetrician and pass by our chiropractic clinic feel free to stop in to find out if our care can help you through your pregnancy.

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Our Chiropractor, Dr. Laub's, Pregnancy Pain Affiliated Techniques

Our chiropractic team welcomes pregnant women into the practice and we do our best to accommodate their needs. If you or anyone you know are experiencing any of the many discomforts often associated with pregnancy such as lower back pain, rib pain, headaches or groin pain, we provide focused care that can help you adapt better to those stresses. Although the aches and pains associated with pregnancy are natural, you do not have to limit your active lifestyle or try to medicate the discomfort. Dr. Laub combines the following techniques to facilitate your well-being during pregnancy:

  • Webster Technique - The Webster Technique focuses primarily on the relationship between the pelvis, the internal reproductive organs, their attaching ligaments and how the interaction of those structures influence the pregnancy. This technique is designed to optimize the position of the sacrum in the pelvis, which is commonly related to lower back pain during pregnancy. If your sacrum has shifted out of alignment it can leave you more susceptible to a condition called dystocia, which can make your labor more difficult. Through adjustments performed with the Webster Technique, Dr. Laub helps to ensure that the pelvis is properly aligned to help facilitate a natural, more comfortable birth with minimal complication.

  • SOT - The Sacro-Occipital Technique is used on an expectant mother and also on a newborn. It is a gentle technique in which adjustments are performed in a specific order to bring the highest benefits. SOT is often used to reposition a baby's spine and extremities after the trauma of birth.

  • CranioSacral - Craniosacral therapy uses gentle manipulations of your skull to improve your health. Our chiropractor may also place a hand on  your spine or tailbone. These small adjustments are felt in a large way. You will feel a reduction in stress and discomfort. Your baby feels your peace of mind and also relaxes. Craniosacral adjustments also help to reduce effects from previous injuries such as your own birth or those resulting from sports play or an auto accident. Dr. Laub uses small, gentle adjustments to position your body in a healthy energy line which improves your enjoyment of the pregnancy. Your newborn also benefits from craniosacral therapy which can help to calm the baby.

As new mothers or expectant mothers, your priorities obviously include your health and the health of your baby. We are here to support your efforts and help you easily move past any challenges you may encounter.

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