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Our friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging staff at West Hartford Chiropractic invites residents of West Hartford and the surrounding areas of Simsbury, Avon, Canton, Hartford, Bloomfield, Farmington, Glastonbury, Newington and commuters trough our area to discover back pain relief. Our West Hartford Chiropractors are dedicated to providing the personalized treatment plan for the underlying cause of back pain with a variety of techniques.

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Our goal is to provide a holistic customized approach to your pain reduction and one that is drug-free. Our chiropractors and health team at West Hartford Chiropractic bring a variety of backgrounds to you to help you overcome your back pain. For example, Dr. Laub's physical therapy background provides an ideal combination with chiropractic care as he guides the body into a healthy alignment that reduces pressure on the nerves causing your back pain. Dr. Hart’s athletic training background helps with customized exercise program and specialized care for novice to professional athletes.

Back Pain Services by Our West Hartford Chiropractors

Our chiropractors offer a range of services to meet your needs. As we progress through your treatment, you discover our back pain relief treatments include:

Chiropractic adjustments - Dr. Laub and Dr. Hart have advanced knowledge of how to normalize and optimize the nervous system to alleviate back pain by finding and eliminating the underlying cause for your back pain. We use gentle touch, non-invasive adjustments of your spine to position the vertebrae into alignment, remove pressure on the nervous system, reducing pain, inflammation and swelling the involved tissues. Once the adjustments are made, you begin to feel a reduction in your pain, since nerve pressure is reduced, blood flow is increased to the tissue and with further adjustments and exercises spinal stability is achieved.

Webster Technique - This technique is one of our many specialized techniques for reducing lower back pain in pregnancy. We use a specific gentle adjustment technique to position your various vertebrae in optimal position, to allow maximum comfort to the pregnant women and baby and allowing for an easy pregnancy and a quick and comfortable delivery

W.A.V.E. - Our WAVE Whole Body Vibration Machine and one on one exercise protocols is designed to increase bone density, decrease and even reverse osteoporosis, increase muscle strength, endurance, increase balance, increase the good cholesterol and decrease the bad cholesterol and all in a very short sessions time. The reason is the ability of this WBV machine to generate up to 6 G of force, between 16,000-32,000 vibrations/ Minute, which in return induces controlled  multiple muscle contractions. The result- in every 15 minutes session we achieve the equivalent of 2 hours of workout at the gym. For busy moms, executives, athletes  or anyone that is short on time and needs results- it makes a big difference.

Bone Density Screening - In our efforts to provide total-body care, we offer ultrasonic bone density screening to give us and you a greater understanding of the condition of your spine and limbs as well as detect and correct osteoporosis. It also helps with the question- if this is contributing to your back pain and ultimately if needed- helps us improve or even correct your osteoporosis with proper nutrition, supplementation, and Whole Body Vibration Exercise protocols.

Direct Digital X-Rays - We may also use the latest Direct Digital Cesium X-Rays to view your spine to determine any vertebrae that are out of alignment or discover fractures, arthritic, genetic, congenital, metabolic and many other conditions such as scoliosis that may be causing your back pain.

Cold Laser Therapy - This treatment technique promotes healing to many injured areas that are causing or adding to your back pain. It is a painless, non-invasive  technique using one of our various laser machines to help reduce pain, inflammation, swelling, increase metabolism of the tissue , infuse the healing tissue with oxygen and shorten the healing process.

Reiki - This hands-on technique is a way to relax and heal your body. Similar to a massage, but with clothes on, you feel our Reiki practitioner moving energy around your body enabling your body to heal itself.

Essential Oils - Our services also include the use of essential oils as a way to energize, calm and help accelerate the healing of your body. Certain oils help to reduce discomfort and inflammation and may be combined with our other services to help you overcome back pain. We use only pure essential oils, allowing us to achieve big results with small amount of essential oils.

Do not let your back pain remain untreated. Call our chiropractors today at 860-232-5556.

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